fredag den 5. september 2008

Film Review

Time for the first movie review of this page. The victim will be "Lethal Weapon 4".

Overall rating: Don't ever EVER watch this unless you're a die hard Jet Li fan, and you have it on vhs/dvd and can fast forward to his scenes.
Running time: 127 mins.

Review: This "movie" is really 2 different features. One of them stars Mel Gibson and Danny Glover. This movie is obnoxious, annoying and totally offensive. There isn't too much of a plot going on in this one except some generic family stuff and jokes about getting old. Har har. Most of this movie consists of Mel and Danny engaging in supposedly funny "buddy-cop banter"(I cannot stress enough how cringingly, obscenely, excruciatingly annoyingly UNfunny and BORING this is) while living in Dirty Harrys fantasy-world: All criminals are foreigners, young black men are Chris Rock, citizens have NO rights whatsoever, and collateral damage is not a problem - Hell, people should just get out of the way when the "heroes" start shooting.

Furthermore, it may be that Mel channeled the Holy Spirit directing "The Passion of the Christ", but he sure had a lot of practice channeling inanimate objects in THIS movie; he and Danny sport a disturbingly dead look in the eyes one would expect to find on rape victims or in prison camps. That sure gave this film a snuff-feel that added to the overall uneasiness. Chris Rock just looked ashamed both for himself and for his "co-stars".

The other movie is all about making Jet Li look cool, and it delivers pretty good. The plot has something to do with Li being a triad boss, printing counterfeit chinese money to pay his brothers ransom, said brother being held captive by a corrupt chinese general. I know, this kind of stuff happens all the time in LA, right?
While any other chinese in this movie looks like an extra from "Walker, Texas Ranger", Li gets to wear some decent clothes, look cool and actually act consistently. You root for this guy!
On two different occasions Li kills some guy without any sensible reason(and they were his own people), and in yet another scene he kills some guys nephew to make him do something he was already doing. And he kicks a pregnant woman in the head. Yes this man is evil, we get it! But his motives are understandable and he fights for family.

Now, sometimes these two movies intersect and people die(never our "heroes" unfortunately), but this only serves to remind us all that Jet Li is effortlessly cool and our "heroes" are morons, annoying at that.

Final Verdict: Jet Li is cool, everybody else in this movie should be ashamed or in hiding.

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Fed anmeldelse. Jeg har sjældent set en film, der fik politiet til at fremstå så dårligt og organiseret kriminalitet til at virke som så stor en nødvendighed (som beskyttelse mod politiet). Jet Li er alt alt alt for cool til den film, der mest af alt virker som en rekruteringsvideo for triaderne blandet med en Mel Gibson elendig film. Alt for cool.